Lets start small 25 May

Lets start small will help you raise funds from your friends and your network outside Nepal so you can help people you most care for. We are asking you to actively engage yourself in the community you are living in, and help people in fulfilling their smaller needs. After all it’s the smaller things in life that make it worthwhile.

What are smaller needs?

  • Needs that do not cost a lot of money, and which you believe you and your network of friends can raise funds for. Examples
    • $20 for a container of gas cylinder.
    • $5 for a jar of mineral water.
    • $15 for one month of tuition free for XYZ student.
    • $20 for a sac of rice.

Here is how to start…

  1. Look around in your community. Talk to people and hear their concerns.
  2. Find out what they need. Do proper research. Only entertain genuine cause.
  3. Ask them if they need financial help to get their needs fulfilled.
    1. Be practical
    2. Be realistic.
    3. Only make promises for things you think you can raise funds for.

Guidelines for smaller pledge.

  • Limit pledge amount to $30 or less.
  • Take good pictures. Your pictures should reflect the concerns you are addressing.
  • Be clear and direct.
  • Use good title. Your title should specify the amount you are seeking, and for what. Example : Rs. 1500 for a solar charger.

What Next?

  • Send your pledge to Place you title in Subject line. Write proper description and attach photographs. Leave you mobile number for us to further verify.
  • Once you pledge is approved, we will publish it on, and send you the link to the page.
  • Then you can use the Share features of the page and ask you help with your friends.

We do not charge anything for earthquake related. You will receive 100 percent of what your friend sends you.


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