Do you need funding for your cause? We are calling for your pledge! 10 May

Do you need funding for your cause? We are calling for your pledge! is Nepal’s first crowd-funding website that serves as a platform for local organizations and individuals to showcase their cause in front of the world and collect necessary funds. We believe that a collective engagement with the inclusion of micro level benefactors has the power to solve even the biggest of societal problems. We strive to build the required trust among the donor communities on projects to be implemented in Nepal by directly extending support to the local organizations to establish the necessary transparency.

Currently we are accepting applications from members of the society who want to help their community by creating a Pledge for a Cause. The following are the guidelines for the pledge-

  1. The cause must be specific. It must be measurable, and quantifiable. Example:
  • 200 cases of noodles for XYZ Village
  • 2 tankers of 7,000 liters drinking water for ABC Ward
  • 10,000 for remuneration of 20 volunteers for 3 days
  1. You must provide a brief background for the cause – Why was it created? What is the target population? When will it be implemented? How are you going to implement it?
  2. You must commit to periodically update your pledge with proof of implementation.
  3. The pledge must address social issue and not personal situation.
  4. You must provide organizational detail and/or individual background when pledging for a cause.
  5. You must provide at least 2 pictures related to the cause you are pledging. Videos are allowed as well.
  6. If you are an organization, you must provide your logo and complete contact information. Individuals must also provide their contact details.
  7. You must provide details estimate of the cost associated with your initiative, and clearly state the donation amount you are seeking.

Once we receive your application, it will go through our extensive screening process for approval. It then will be made publicly visible in our website. The next step will be promoting your cause with social media tools that we provide. Send us your pledge at